Join the REVOLUTION and partner with us to support cancer patients in need. image

Join the REVOLUTION and partner with us to support cancer patients in need.

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IMAGINE…you have been told those three dreadful words “you have cancer” AND you have to decide whether you put aside chemo treatments or feed your family because mounting medical bills, not covered by insurance, has created a financial hardship within your household budget. You are questioning which is most essential, your health or food for the family. You are faced with a financial dilemma and unfortunately continuing with chemo treatments doesn't always win out.

Pink Revolution's gas/grocery card program helps take the stress and anxiety away from the patient's mind which is vital to their recovery. We are looking for partners who would like to support us by providing gas and grocery gift cards or monetary donations to fund these important gifts.

IMAGINE... a cancer patient who no longer has to skip treatment and can focus on their own well being and fighting through their cancer treatments free from stress. That is exactly the end result if you support this important initiative. Thank You!

“It’s been a long journey, not to mention all the worry about finances! I can’t tell you how happy I was to receive a grocery gift card today when I arrived to my treatment. It’s the little things that make such a difference these days. It helps knowing that there are so many wonderful people in this world supporting me during this very difficult time. Thank you Pink Revolution! I am grateful.” - Donna C, Patient